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If Nothing Ever Changes, Nothing Ever Changes

Life can hit pretty hard.  That's where this podcast comes in.  Encouragement, Empowerment, and Education designed to help you navigate those tough times!



This podcast is meant to Empower, Encourage, and Educate listeners to keep moving forward toward a chosen goal!

I have been working as a certified educator since 1997. I specialize in helping people learn, apply what they have learned to life, and take on day to day tasks. I take great pride in the progress and success of my students, and look forward to helping you through this podcast.


Guests To The Show

People Trying To Make A Difference

Nat Hall.jpg

Nat Hall

Mullet Metal Mayhem

Nat is a highly positive, incredibly upbeat guy who loves 80's Mullet Metal.

Daniel Wagner

Unframe Of Mind

Daniel's show challenges people to question, compare, and develop an opinion.  He asks people with opposing view points to be able to sit down and have an educated conversation.

Wife, Younique Presenter

My beautiful wife and make-up enthusiast.  Kelly has a huge heart to help ladies feel good inside and out. Listen in as we talk about how to survive the tough times in a marriage.

Pamela Acosta Marquardt

Pamela started PCAN to fill an need.  She starts with her Why and moves forward with NO FEAR.

Nashville Recording Artist

Kaylee is a rising star and a very strong woman.  She talks about her faith and the power to say No.

Nick E.jpg

Nick Elvery

Peak Performance Coach

Watching his father's health decline over his life and eventually pass way really gave Nick a different perspective on the importance of health. His mission is to help CEO's take back control of their life and health so they can be there for their family without sacrifice the mission of the business.


Be Our Guest

Do you have some positive notes, comments, or an awesome story that might motivate and inspire others?  If you do, submit this form!


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